Panospin Panorama Processing
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Panospin Panoramic Processing


Here You see some Equipment related to Panospin and Panorama Photography


To shoot panorama images and work them out with Panospin, you can use a standard digital camera. A fisheye converter has to be attached to the camera.

You may also use any other camera with a fisheye lens to make photos for use in Panospin.

Our panorama samples are all made with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 and FC-E8 Fisheye Converter (see image).
Fisheye Converter Lens


The camera has to be mounted on a stable tripod.

Align camera to the spirit level on the tripod.
Panoramic Head

Panoramic Head

A panoramic head is being mounted on the tripod to hold the camera. The camera has to be aligned to the nodal point. Then it can be rotated around this point.

Ponospin works best with four fisheye images. First align camera to horizon. Before making each partial image the camera has to be rotated about 90 degrees.

You can buy panoramic heads on the market. These heads can be used with Panospin. You also may build your own panoramic head. We also did this.

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