Panospin Panorama Processing
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Panospin Panoramic Processing

ATTENTION: Panospin Panoramic Software is temporary not available. A new version is still in progress. A new external bracketing tool will be available too. Try the panorama gallery!


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Purpose Braketing Series Projections Post processing

A set of fisheye images... fisheye images - the source

...a spheric projection...spheric projection

...and a cubic projection. cubic projection

Range of application

Panospin creates virtual 3D panoramas and virtual tours

It naturally uses pictures made with a fisheye lens.

On left side you see four circular fisheye images. Before making each image the camera was rotated 90 degrees on the tripod .

With these source images Panospin creates an interactive panorama.

Export different File Formats

Panospin saves panoramas in several Formats

HTML with PTViewer Java Applet
ca 300KB, ca 64KB

VRML *.WRL file
(ca 700KB, needs VRML viewer)

Integrated 3D viewer

skybox *.RWX file - Renderware 3D-Objekt with cubic textures

single images save images to post process them otherwise

Pairs of Control Points control points

Stitch Technology

Using the virtual magnification glass you can set control points into the images.

Two corresponding points are a pair of control points.

For each pair of images panospin needs at least two pairs of control points.

Finally tune in the the lens settings.

Image Undistortion with Integrated Spline Function

Undistortion of every fisheye lens by setting the spline curve.

Change spline curve using the mouse. Fine tune it using the keyboard.

Spline Curve Editor spline curve

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